IMCT is pleased to announce the first ever Cambodia Biz Fair - Domestic Travel & Gastronomy Fair which will be held on 26th -28th March, 2020 at the Factory, Urban Village, Phnom Penh.
This event is objectively our contribution for the recovery and stability of the local tourism industry.
Why IMCT is having this Fairs – The NEED of the Domestic Tourism Today In view of the current consumer sentiment, it is now the best time to hold this domestic travel Fair exclusively for domestic tourism that will encourage Cambodians holidaymakers to enjoy the many attractions and safe havens in Cambodia, and for service providers to focus and revitalize domestic businesses


Tourism products and tour packages will be offered at the Fair not only to Cambodians but will also appeal greatly to residing foreigners as we have a sizeable number of foreigners from all over the world working or residing in Cambodia and they too would be looking for domestic offerings. Organizing a successful domestic travel fair will serve as the best testament that Cambodia is safe for all visitors and this message should be conveyed to the world by all responsible media and tourism players.

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